Newark Recycling Center is a scrap metal yard serving the tri-state community. We deal specifically with metal recycling, and we will pay cash for the material our customers bring in. We value our customers, that is why we provide excellent customer service as well as keeping the cleanest yard in Delaware. We have state inspected scales, large and small, that we use to weigh the material our customers deliver. Our large truck scale is thirty feet long and will accommodate most vehicles and large trucks.  

Customers will be paid according to the weights of the specific materials they bring in. Prices of the different  materials may vary from day to day and change without notice, depending on the daily market value of the material. So keep in mind that at any time the markets can change higher or lower, sometimes drastically.  The prices also vary on the amount of weight the customer drops off, the more weight, the better the price. With the daily changing markets, we can only offer pricing over the phone, so feel free to call us for our current prices

Please feel free to contact us regarding the prices of metals and review the Yard Rules page before visiting, they will explain most frequently asked questions. We strive to provide a safe family friendly atmosphere that will allow our customers to recycle quickly and as easily as possible.